Fees & Funding

Programme Title and Age Range   FULL TIME




PART TIME PART TIME Scholarship  requires a separate application and interview process  * Bursary available to those with a 2:2 or above/ equivalent 
£8250 £9250 £10500 £11500
Biology 11-16  X542 E969 A800 S694 N/A £7000
Business Studies 14 -19   Q208 G761 N/A N/A
Chemistry 11-16  V577 F867 A220 S056 £26000 £24000
Computing 11-16  N267 N721 £26000 £24000
Design & Technology 11 -16   D907 S984 N/A N/A
English 11 - 16*   C742 P414 R817 X210 N/A N/A
Geography 11 -16   P303 C985 N/A N/A
History 11 -16 X661 B225 N/A N/A
Mathematics 11 -16   W164 Y679 C105 Q358 £26000 £24000
Modern Languages* 11 -16   U427 A987 N/A £10000
Physics 11-16  X993 K464 Y443 F248 £26000 £24000
Primary 5‐11  J515 R966 B622 Y050 N/A N/A
Primary with Maths 5-11  T902 W917 L731 L760 N/A £6000

All programmes closed for September 2021 intake. 

We will be opening for applications for September 2022 intake in October 2021.

The figures above relate to programmes for 2021 - 2022.

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Bursaries available in Chemistry, computing, maths & Physics

  • Bursaries and scholarships are available to trainees on a tuition fee-based teacher training course in England that leads to the award of qualified teacher status. Availability is dependent on your highest relevant academic award and the subject in which you are training to teach. To receive a bursary or scholarship you must be entitled to support under the Student Finance England criteria. Residents of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will need to be entitled for support as set out by your country’s student finance body (Student Finance Wales, Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance NI). Both elements will be assessed by your teacher training provider. Candidates with overseas degrees may be asked to formally recognise any overseas qualifications through UK NARIC. We can help you with this. Contact us on 0800 389 2500 and we can provide you with guidance on your equivalent qualifications and a free UK NARIC statement of comparability (this usually costs £49.50 plus VAT) once you’ve submitted your application to teacher training, if required by your training provider.
  1. Bursaries are available to trainees with a first, 2:1, 2:2, Master’s or PhD.


Scholarships of £26,000 can be awarded in Chemistry, Computing, Maths and Physics. Scholarships also come with a package of additional benefits from the appropriate professional body.

Each of the professional bodies that offer scholarships sets the award criteria. Scholarship applicants should apply to the relevant professional body. For details, go to the scholarship page

Trainees cannot receive both a scholarship and a bursary.